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1913B Dug Gap Rd Dalton, Georgia 30720

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Shooting Video
  • Customization


    From $1499

    High Performance

    When danger knocks on your door, be ready... be safe. A crime only will last for a few seconds, those few seconds can mean a life or death situation for those you love most. Go ahead, make your day.
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    First Gun

    Learn to Shoot

    From $249

    SCCY Handguns

    If you are looking for a great handgun, on a budget, ScYY is your best choice. Made in America, this high quality handgun is available in 9mm only and is perfect for your companion at home or on the road.
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    For the Blue

    From $499


    Here at Custom Order Arms, we can outfit any weapon to your specifications. If you are looking for a handgun as your service weapon or you need to update your backup... we are here for you.
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    From Us To You

    Custom Designs

    Keep checking back to find tips, tricks & safety information regarding all sorts of situations & all types of guns. You’ll also find upcoming events, & pictures/videos of past events.
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  • Pistols

    American Made

    From $250

    Tried & True

    The market for American made handguns have exploded over the past few years. American weapons are superior than any other models made outside of the United States. Visit our showroom for that perfect fit.
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    Grip Well

    Live Strong

    From $199

    Packing Heat

    This American classic is what built our nation. With the revolver you're sure to get attention by your friends and those who would do you harm. This is a big attention making gun.
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    Target Aquired

    From $159

    Stand Tall

    If you are an avid hunter, you're going to appreciate the best of the best when it comes to a scope. We sell Nikon and feature different models in our store. Come by today and get started.
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    Bolt Action

    On Sale Now

    From $400.00


    If you are looking for a great hunting rifle, on a budget, COA is your best choice. With or without a scope, our guns are hot and ready. 

We are proud to be Veteran Owned & Operated

Custom Order Arms is owned and operated by George Willis. George served in the United States Army from 1975 - 1988. He was assigned to 12B Combat Engineer and held rank of E6. While working his assignment, George was injured and due to the difficulty of his injury, he was given a Medical Discharge. Stop by the store sometime and let George tell you about some of his Army adventures. 

Who we are and what we do

With our humble beginnings, Custom Order Arms has become one of the areas most valued provider of custom made weapons and ammunition supplies. The inception of our company can be best described as that of a necessity to bring highly professional customer service to anyone wanting to buy a gun.
Our custom service includes building customize AR packages. Whether you are looking for the most famous configuration, the popular AR-15, or the hefty big brother, the powerful AR-10, we can customize any of these configurations you prefer. 
We offer gun repair by our in-house gunsmith, providing detailed care for your gun and accessories. If you already have purchased an AR elsewhere, visit our shop for accessories we offer that will compliment your weapon. From Nikon Scopes to custom modified trigger systems, our in-house gunsmith will make your baby into a bad-ass gun that will make anyone that has seen it, shake in their boots. 
Our line-up of used guns will bring a smile to your face when you see some of our steeled jewel’s and what we have to offer those looking for a previously used gun. We have shotguns, handguns and rifles that have been taken care of over the lifetime of these hefty sidekicks. Don’t forget some of our accessories to team up with your purchase… we offer gun cases, Uncle Mike Holsters, BlackHawk holsters and lighted sights that will help you reach out and touch your target from a safe distance. 
Our bulk ammunition sales have soared this year well beyond our goals and expectations. We stock most caliber’s, including – 5.56, 223, 300 WinMag, 338,  22Mag, 12 Gauge, 44 Mag, 357, and any other caliber made. We also offer custom loading if you need that special need for a round that really needs to reach out and touch a target. 

I called for a gun, they ordered it and 2 days later I had it...

“I ordered by Beretta PX4 40 Caliber and 2 days later, Custom Order Arms called and said it was ready to pickup. That made my day.”
// Jeffrey Brock

The store is the best service we have ever had...

“We need our hunting rifles cleaned from the inside out and Adam took good care of our guns. When we received them back, they looked brand new again. ”
// Chris and Emily Meyers

The Best Guns Are Custom Made

Personal Protection is Needed

Not only will you feel safe when you carry a new handgun, but just the sight of a person who is protecting their family and lifestyle is usually enough to scare the bad-guy away. But don't just show it, be ready to use it.

We Offer Specialty Designs

Revolvers do it Best

when you shoot with a Revolver, you are sending a message that you mean business. With today's modern day Revolver compared to the original revolver designed and produced around 1854 by Eugene Lefaucheux. 

Visually Appealing

Finer Things in Life

Sometimes we just need to have a modern day pistol for family protection. When you are choosing a pistol to protect you and your family, try out a few before you decide to buy a specific handgun.

Protection On A Budget

Nice Guns On Budget

If you are looking for a good home protection weapon, here at Custom Order Arms, we have several different types to choose from. From Shotguns to handguns, to the ultimate protection weapon, the famous AR-15 rifle. 

Make Your Day

Little Guns Are Great

If you want to carry a personal weapon for protection, you should consider carrying a concealed handgun. We have some that fit perfect in your pocket and we offer hide-away holsters that will keep your handgun out of sight until it is needed.